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Every year, a quarter of a million children
come into foster care in this country.

Many children will be placed in group homes or other group residential settings because there are simply not enough foster families to care for all of the children

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Foster parents play a critical role in
helping children heal.

They show children stability and teach them life lessons that last a lifetime. –

Make a difference in a child's life! Call 410-685-8231 or fill out our foster parent interest form to take the first step.Call 410-685-8231 or complete the online foster parent interest form today!



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Every child deserves a home


Foster parents enjoy a challenging, yet rewarding journey as they impact a child’s life in a profound way. A successful foster parent:

  • Loves and cares for their foster child in a way that promotes a healthy, strong relationship.
  • Works toward the best interest of their child and encourages their child to interact with their biological family.
  • Advocates for their child by seeking supportive services and opportunities, and
  • Proactively develops themselves by learning and expanding their parenting techniques.

Your success, life experiences, resilience, and wisdom have shaped you into the healthy and happy adult you are today. That is all you need to be a foster parent!

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STEP 1:Information Meetings

The first step to pursuing becoming a foster parent is to attend an information session where you will be receive an understanding of the needs of our children and the opportunity to foster a child.For your convenience, we offer both morning and night-time sessions. To enroll now, go to our Events page to register for an upcoming meeting.

STEP 2:Training Sessions

Training sessions are the next steps toward becoming a licensed foster parent. Each training session is designed to prepare you for fostering and assisting the children placed in your care.

Ready & Waiting Adoption Meetings

Ready and Waiting meetings are for licensed foster parents interested in becoming an adoptive parent. This meeting introduces children available for adoption to foster parents who are looking to give a child their forever home.


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Questions about Fostering


Becoming a foster parent takes desire, commitment and information. Check out our FAQs to get answers to your questions.


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What Our Parents Say


"I don't want just a house. I want my house to be a home. And I want my home to be a loving home...they can call it home and they will always know that they have a home to go to regardless of what happens in their lives."

Jacqueline HillFoster Parent