The Process to Becoming a Foster Parent

Information Meeting

Attend an information meeting that introduces you to the basic concepts of fostering. This meeting counts for 2 hours of your required training as a foster parent. For more information on upcoming information meetings, and to enroll now, click here

Education & Training

Attend an additional 30 hours of education and training that is designed to prepare you for fostering and assisting the children in your care.

Home Study

Complete a home study with your social worker. The home study is a time for you and your social worker to become familiar with each other in order to approve your home, discuss proposed sleeping arrangements, and match you with the right children.

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More About Home Studies

There is a minimum of two home visits

All household members are interviewed 

All household members must have physical and mental health clearance certified by a health care professional 

All household members are fingerprinted for a criminal background check 

The home will be assessed to see if there is adequate space

The home will be inspected to ensure safety and sanitation by the health and fire department

Documentation of adequate and consistent income that meets your family’s current needs will be assessed

3 references regarding your parenting abilities must be provided

You must agree to not use physical punishment